You know what you want to say - but can't find the words?

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Writing copy and creating content can be fun for some weird creative people (like me), but for most – it sucks.

You don’t even know where to begin, what headlines to go for and you’re scratching your head, pointing at your screen and asking your colleague “do you think I can write it like that?”.

Don’t even get me started on the grammar and spelling.

Finding the right words for your brand is exactly where I come in. I will dig deep into your company, find out what true value you bring and craft copy that will make your brand come to life as well as drive your customers to purchase.

Because I make sure you – Say it right.

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About me

Hi there, glad you stopped by. My name is Olivia and I'm a native English Copywriter and Content Writer based in Vienna, Austria.

With over 4 years of marketing experience and working in the startup sector. I empower innovative companies, to find their brand voice and fine tune their written English communication. Find out more about me and my background here.


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Can't find the time for your website content or to set up that email funnel?

Maybe I’ve got it all wrong. Maybe you can find the words, but then again you’re running around the office trying to juggle fifteen projects at the same time.

The thought of creating more content or updating those texts has crossed your mind, yet you keep putting it off – not because it’s not important but simply because you don’t have the time. 

We’re busy people nowadays – I get it. 

So just imagine what it would be like to just hand it all over and have someone else take care of it instead. No fumbling with words, googling synonyms or asking your English friend you met seven years ago to proofread anymore.

Proofreading & Editing - need a fresh set of eyes to your work?

So you’ve got a heck of a lot of content produced already? Your website is set-up, and it’s got plenty of texts on it too. Fantastic stuff.

But perhaps there’s a little something something missing – a spark.

Having a fresh set of eyes to look over things proofread, edit and tweak it here and there can make a huge difference. The difference between a customer liking your brand or loving it, so they don’t just buy it for themselves they gift it to their mum for Christmas too.

So you want to compete on an international level?

Business is going great and now you’ve even gotten the opportunity to expand internationally, maybe even set up shop in the UK or the US. Or you’re an established company that has been doing business internationally for quite some time but you want a fresh start.

Nowadays it’s hard to keep up with the cool kids and connect online.

That’s where I come in. I’ll get rid of outdated words like ‘moreover’ and adapt your written brand to suit your customers (emoji’s included, I promise).

Want to see what services I’ve got to offer?

Copywriting & Content Creation: Why high quality matters.

We’re living in an online world that is full of noise (I can barely hear myself typing here to be frank) and your customer’s attention span lasts for an entire 8 seconds. Crazy, I know. So you bet that you’ve got to make every word count, if you want them to stick around.

Crafted copy builds a storyline, evokes emotion and takes the reader by the hand to ensure they end up clicking that purchase button in the end. 

Just think about it. You probably have a graphic designer working on your team to ensure your brand attracts attention by being visually appealing. But what good is a pretty image if it has nothing to say? People don’t just want a pretty brand anymore, they want to know what you stand for. So I catch their attention with a snappy headline, tell them exactly what you’ve got to offer in the body and close the deal by giving them a call-to-action at just the right time. 

High quality copywriting is not only what keeps your brand consistent, professional and recognisable – it’s what converts people from having heard of your brand to people who have purchased it.

Content Marketing Agency - Content and Copywriting

Content is a hot topic right now. Here's my take on it.

Everyone knows they should be producing content but what we often forget to do is to take a step back and ask ourselves what content to produce and WHY. Is it to strengthen our brand, drive sales or educate about a certain topic? I see companies posting blog posts, curating an Instagram feed and firing out emails with little thought behind it and low quality.

Content is an extremely powerful tool you should be making use of, but content done wrong can also turn people off and damage your brand. 

What customers are looking for is high quality and long lasting content not high quantities. Who isn’t stressed out nowadays and stuck for time? So, if they take the time to read something it should be worth their while right? Not a copy paste version of a wikipedia article.

Content is your chance to create value for your customers and position yourself as the expert in your niche. So, let’s put in the work and invest upfront because it pays off in the long run – for both your brand and your bottom line.

What I can do for you:

What my clients have got to say:

"Olivia is not only a naturally talented editor, but works with patience and dedication when faced with topics she hasn't worked with before. She is absolutely detail-oriented, always delivers on time and above all she's proactive when it comes to coming up with ideas and concepts."
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CEO Userbrain

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