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Female Founders Global

Female Founders is a community of entrepreneurial women coming together for meetups, events, workshops and programs to sky-rocket their career to the next level. I work together with Female Founders Global to create a variety of high-quality and long lasting content and copy. Just recently I updated their membership page on their website with fresh copy to convert even more entrepreneurial women to female founders members.

goodbag - Say it right


Pollution and climate change are global challenges and goodbag is helping companies tackle this issue together with their customers. They have created a smart reusable shopping bag that rewards customers with exclusive discounts or lets them support a sustainable project like having a tree planted. Christoph Co-founder and CEO of goodbag wanted to revamp the goodbag pitch deck for upcoming meetings, events, and pitches. I proofread, edited and perfected the deck to ensure the deck explains the product in a simple way while keeping things upbeat and entertaining.

Austrian Angel Investors Association

The Austrian Angel is a leading private high-level network of successful entrepreneurs, investors and corporates in Austria. In 2018 they carried out an extensive study to analyse and quantify Austrian angel investors' behaviour. Time and resources were tight internally so Lisa Fassl, the Managing Director of aaia handed the task of putting the numbers into words over to me. We ended up with a full length report, that has had extensive press coverage all over Austria.

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trigo GmbH

trigo is a software development company. They approached me as they wanted to create a customer success story so they could show potential customers just what services they have got to offer and the innovative technology behind their work. I met the team to discuss how one of their latest projects went, outlined the success story and what outcome came with it. The end result was a full length case study and success story they can be proud of.

Weekett - Say it right


This company is in the midst of revolutionising the art of making the perfect cup of tea. With their smart kettle you can not only select different temperatures to heat your water but can set a timer and control it all from the app - so you'll never be late for work again. Weekett approached me to produce a high quality blog post that also ranks high SEO wise, a long lasting piece of content that will drive people interested in perfecting the art of making tea to discovering the Weekett kettle.

Casa Linguae - Say it right


CasaLinguae offers high-quality translations as well as intercultural training and language courses for businesses. Martina, the founder approached me to create regular Newsletters and E-mails to inform her customers and prospects about upcoming events as well as drive sales through seasonal campaigns. I created the campaigns within MailChimp for her, so all she needed to do was hit send once she was happy with the final concept.


This company is all about making user testing incredibly easy. You can watch videos of real people interacting with your website. Hear what users think, see what they do, and start building better products for happier customers. They also create a lot of useful content on their blog about UX and driving online business. Userbrain came to me because they had their hands full and needed to offload some of their content work. I managed the Userbrain blog for numerous months, edited and proofread content on a regular basis.

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